Australian Man Stole a Million From Police Union to Gamble

This story was published more than 9 years ago.

A man from Brisbane Australia has resigned from his post as the Financial Officer of the Queensland Police Union after an audit found he stole a million dollars to gamble on horse races.

Kelly Harris has not yet been arrested on the charges, but has hired a lawyer and resigned his spot after an investigation revealed that Harris transferred more than a million dollars to non-union bank accounts, which then were used to bet on horse races through online gambling operators.

Harris has not commented on the allegations, and has deleted all of his social media accounts.

The President of the Police Union Ian Leavers wrote an email to his members, which read: "An issue was identified by the Queensland Police Union that related to a civilian staff member working as a finance officer, not a police officer, senior staff member or an elected official.

"Upon the issue being identified the QPU acted immediately and reported the alleged matters to various authorities, including the Queensland Police Service.

"Now that a person engaged to perform internal financial work for the union has breached that trust, we have acted swiftly.

"Rest assured, while we believe the exact amount involved in improper transactions is in the vicinity of $1 million, we continue to be in a financially secure and stable position and this incident will have no effect on our service delivery capabilities nor will it affect members' dues."

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