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Adelson Loses Attempt to Have Trial Held in Macau

The owner of the Las Vegas Sands casino group Sheldon Adelson lost a case in US Federal Court last week and will have a civil suit regarding the firing of a former executive held in the United States rather than Adelson's preferred location of Macau.

US Federal Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez ruled that the case should be held in the state of Nevada, rather than Macau, dealing the gambling billionaire a big loss as the charges by Jacobs could potentially cost Sands their gaming licenses.

Adelson is being sued by former executive Steven Jacobs, who oversaw Sands' Macau casino group. Jacobs claims he was wrongly fired for blocking hundreds of thousands of dollars that he felt were being transferred in breach of American anti-bribery laws as well as trying to break links between Sands and the Triads organized crime group.

Adelson claims Jacobs was incompetent.

In her ruling Judge Gonzalez wrote: “This matter has been pending in Nevada courts for almost five years. Judicial economy would be served by continuing this litigation in Nevada.”

It is expected that Adelson will appeal the decision.