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Woman Stole £197,876 to Gamble Online

A 39 year old mother was able to escape a prison sentence from the Chelmsford Crown Court this week after she stole £250,000 to gamble online, largely due to her partner's forgiving attitude.

Tracy King stole the money from her partner Gavin Ling, using the money to gamble online. She got the money from him after swiping his internet banking credentials. She also used a similar method to steal £48,965 from her 88 year old uncle. The defendant was given an 18 month suspended sentence, due in large part to her partner and uncle forgiving her.

In court Ling said, “Money means nothing – having my partner home with my family means more than anything in the world.”

Handing down the sentence Chelmsford Crown Court Judge Anthony Golstaub QC said, An unusual feature of the case is that your long-term partner, Mr Ling, and your uncle, Mr Smith, have shown remarkable moderation and restraint as well as selfless affection for you in being prepared to forgive you. I salute their magnanimity."

“These monies can never be replaced but they say their relationship with you is of a quality and value to them which is more important than money.”

King was found out after Ling realized the money was missing, and his bank refused to divulge information about where the missing money was sent unless a police investigation was started.

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