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Pennsylvania House Passes Anti-RAWA Bill

The state of Pennsylvania has taken a step to counter the Restoration of America's Wire Act bill working its way through Congress this week by passing their own bill that would allow the Keystone state to offer online gaming should they choose.

The bill, which is formally known as HR140, was passed by an 18-8 margin and was passed just days before HB649 is set for a key hearing this week. HB649 would authorize online gaming in Pennsylvania. Both bills were introduced by pro-online gambling Representative John Payne, who serves as Chairman of the House Gaming Oversight Committee.

Commenting on his bill's passage Representative Payne said, “A Federal prohibition against internet gaming would directly and negatively impact Pennsylvania by foreclosing the future potential of internet gaming to generate tax revenue, to create economic and employment opportunities, including high-tech software jobs, and to foster valuable business ventures for Pennsylvania casinos."

Poker Players Alliance Executive Director John Pappas added: “The passage of this resolution sends a strong and clear message to the U.S. Congress that Pennsylvania has the right to make their own legislative decisions about licensing and regulating online poker without the partisan influence of Washington politics."