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Lock Poker Potentially Closes its Doors

Internet poker site Lock Poker has reportedly closed its doors, as the company's poker client is failing to connect to servers, thus crippling the site.

Lock's server has been unresponsive since April 17th, with the server unable to connect to player software. The live chat is also unavailable and the sign up pages are not working, either.

Internet poker publication US Poker reported on the outage, and claims, "The website at Lockcasino.eu is operational. The software appears to be offline. When clicked, the download button at Lockcasino.eu displays “service unavailable” from a USPoker connection in Nevada. A device located in another state was able to download the software, but received an HTML error when trying to log in that froze the software."

Lock Poker has been experiencing player issues for the past several years, with slow payments and non-payment of winnings plaguing the operator for quite some time. Players have also plummeted at the site, and just before the closure the site was estimated to have just 10 players active at any given time.

It is thought that Lock currently holds deposits in the range of $15-20 million.

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