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FBI Evidence in Phua Case Inadmissible

Federal prosecutors trying to convict professional poker player Paul Phua of illegal sports betting took a major hit last week when a Federal Judge ruled that evidence gained in the case is inadmissible.

US District Court Judge Andrew Gordon ruled that the evidence collected abused Phua's privacy rights, and therefore cannot be used to prosecute a case against him. The Judge ruled that if the illegal tactics used to gather information were allowed to continue, it would allow other agencies to conduct warrantless searches, a major Constitutional violation.

Federal prosecutors gathered evidence against Phua by initiating cable problems in the defendant's luxury villa at Caesars Palace. Once Phua called in for cable assistance, FBI agents posed as repair technicians, then planting surveillance information. After gathering information authorities arrested Phua, his son, and a group of associates for facilitating illegal sports bets for the 2014 World Cup.

Every defendant in the case has taken plea deals in the case save for Phua, who challenged the legality of the evidence conducted in the case. The FBI claims that there case is seriously weakened by the ruling, and it appears that their case against the poker pro may be in jeopardy.

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