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Big Bang Theory Slot Goes Live at Land Casinos

Australian betting firm Aristocrat has announced the release of their long-anticipated land casino slot "The Big Bang Theory" this week, a game based on the popular CBS comedy of the same name.

The Big Bang Theory is a 5 reel video slot that follows brilliant astrophysicists Sheldon, Leonard, and Raj and their lowly engineering friend Howard (who only holds a Masters Degree) as they go through life with their female friends Penny, Bernadette, and Amy. The game features the show's theme music, clips, and unique character bonuses on Aristocrat's curved vertical screen, which also includes a Wheel of Fortune that will select certain prizes and bonuses for players.

The bonuses in the game are as follows:

  • The Big Bang Theory Bonus Wheel- which sets off any of the six bonus features

  • The Leonard Hofstadter Collision Feature, which gives out Mega Symbols with player selected volatility

  • The Dr. Sheldon Cooper Roommate Agreement Feature, which includes 8 free Reel Power Spins

  • The Penny Friendship Paradigm Feature, which has 5 Free Scatter Pay Spins on a 4x4 reel and various Pick'em Games

  • The Howard Wolowitz Mystic Warlords of Ka'a Feature

  • Raj Koothrappali's Scavenger Vortex Feature

  • The Big Bang Theory Progressive Jackpot Feature

The game is now live at land casinos throughout the world, but an online version has not yet been announced by Aristocrat.

A video preview of the game has been posted to the internet by This Week in Gambling, and can be viewed below:

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24 April 2015 - 3:05pm

I am a big fan of this show. I will actually look for this game the next time I go to the casino. I wish they would release one online!

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