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Bet365's Owners' Wealth Increases

The UK Sunday Times published their latest Rich List this week, revealing that the owners of Bet365 have seen their personal fortunes increase by almost double to £2.35 billion.

Peter and Denise Coates had their personal fortunes rise 96% from £1.15 billion to the £2.35 billion mark last year, rising from the 78th wealthiest to 44th wealthiest in the UK. Although the amount of wealth there is impressive, the Coates are not the wealthiest Britons connected to gambling. That honor goes to former PokerStars owner Mark Schienberg, whose wealth stands at £2.76 billion.

Other notable wealthy gambling industry insiders include:

  • Betdaq's Founder Dermot Desmod, whose wealth stands at £1.47 billion

  • Fred and Peter Done of Betfred, who had wealth of around £1 billion

  • BetVictor Owner Michael Tabor with wealth of £600 million

  • David Power of Paddy Power at £236 million

  • Betfair Founders Ed Wray and Andrew Black at £222 million and £135 million respectively.

To make the UK's wealthiest list in the UK you need at least £100 million in valuation just to crack the top 1,000. The complete wealth of those on the list is £547 billion. In the UK there are 117 billionaires, which is up from 104 last year.

The wealthiest Briton is Len Blavatnik, who holds a net worth of £13.17 billion.