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UK Man Sentenced to 5 Years for Stealing £1.9 Million to Gamble

A 49 year old man from the UK was sentenced to 5 years in prison after he plead guilty to stealing £1,981,916 from his employer to gamble online, luxury stays at hotels, and trying to buy a title in Scotland.

Julian Kremer was given the hefty sentence by Recorder Martin Heslop QC of the Reading Crown Court after he plead guilty to his crimes. Kremer was the head of accounting at a Berkshire estate agency, where he stole the large amount. The theft ended up putting his employer into financial difficulties, wherein they had to lay off five employees.

While handing down the sentence Kremer said, "This is as bad a case as one could imagine. You were using this money to enjoy a significantly high level of living."

He also went on to describe the crime as "....a professional, sophisticated and at times extremely clever deliberate theft involving fraud, forgery and misrepresentation to those for whom you worked. It is theft on a very significant scale carried out over a substantial period of time.

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