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Study: Poker is a Game of Skill

The University of Nottingham has released a new study that backs up the claim that poker is a game of skill, becoming the latest reputable voice to make that claim.

The study was conducted with researchers in the University of Nottingham as well as Erasmus University Rotterdam and VU University Amsterdam, who looked at 456 million hands of poker to help make their determination. The study claims that players who finished in the top one percent of the first half year of the study were twelve times more likely to do so again in the second half of the year.

The study looked at tens of thousands of simulations and looked at both skilled and underperforming players. Over a short period of time, the skilled players took just over half of the hands, but over time the skilled players ended up winning 75% of the time.

Commenting on the study the University of Nottingham School of Economics' Dr Dennie van Dolder said, "Skilled players will consistently outperform less skilled players if enough hands...are played."

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