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Phua's Son Pleads Guilty to a Single Charge

The son of professional poker player Wei Seng Phua has plead guilty to a single misdemeanor charge of transmitting wagering information as part of the case involving both him and his father.

Darren Phua plead guilty to the charge and will end up forfeiting $125,000 in cash and move back to his home country of South Korea. The plea leaves just Wei Seng Phua as the lone defendant not to plead guilty in the case.

The Phua clan along with five others were arrested last year after they were caught using the Caesars Palace Resort to conduct World Cup betting last year. The case has garnered criticism about how the FBI conducted their investigation. In the case, the FBI cut off internet to the room the group was reportedly using, and then sent in an undercover agent to plant recording equipment to then use the information to obtain a warrant.

The senior Phua's case is still pending, as Judge Peggy Leen ended up ruling that information gathered from the warrants was flawed and should be thrown out. the FBI has appealed that ruling and the case is still pending trial, which is slated to begin on April 13th.