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Kentucky Comes out Against RAWA

The CEO of the Kentucky Lottery has come out to voice his opposition the Restoration of the American Wire Act bill that is set to be debated this month and would outlaw online gambling in the United States.

Arthur Gleason came out in opposition to the bill, as it could outlaw most forms of online gambling in the United States, including online lotteries like the one the Kentucky Lottery is working with GTech to build within their borders.

Gleason wrote a letter to Washington DC politicians expressing his concern that the bill could outlaw the online lottery of his state as well as other states. He also goes on to challenge the assertion that the bill simply restores the original Wire Act that was put into place in 1961, noting that the bill expands bans on online betting and violates state's rights. Gleason also rebutted claims that online betting allows for underage gambling, noting that the technology used for online lotteries effectively keeps minors from playing betting games.

The RAWA is set for a hearing on March 26th. Casino Listings will update this story as more developments arise.

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