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Details on $180k Slotland Jackpot Emerge

A few weeks ago we reported that a player at Slotland hit a huge $180,004 progressive jackpot while playing a progressive slot. Today we can announce that the winner's name is Donna S., as well as some other big details.

Donna has been a Slotland player since 2012, and actually hit the jackpot while playing Lucky Ducts. Donna says that she plans to invest in a loyal community center to help enjoy her goodies a bit.

Commenting on her win Donna said, “I love playing slots. I’ve been playing many years but never did I win this big! I look forward to giving back to my community and helping out at the local youth center. They need new musical instruments.”

“I’ll also get myself a nice new kitchen. I just love cooking and my kitchen really needs an upgrade!”

Slotland is a web based casino that allows players to play directly through their browsers. The casino has 34 games, and can be played via desktop or mobile devices. The casino features a progressive jackpot that is tied in to the majority of its games, and can be won at any time.

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