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Details on $101,082 WinADay Casino Jackpot Emerge

Two weeks ago we reported on a large $101,082 jackpot win at WinADay Casino, but today we have ended up finding out some details on the lucky winner.

The lucky winner is Mary J., a player who has been a player at WinADay for just over three years. She ended up taking home the large win while playing the Busted video slot.

“My jaw dropped and I couldn’t stop screaming!” she told a Win A Day customer service agent. “I’ve never, ever been this lucky before! There are so many things I'd like to do with this money right now. I wouldn't want to make any rash decisions though, so I'll start by paying some bills.”

Besides paying some bills, Mary J also plans on enjoying her winnings a bit. “I must admit I have the urge to go on a two month trip around America, but I'll wait for reality to hit me then see what I'll really do," she said.

The WinADay progressive jackpot is tied to nearly every game available at WinADay Casino. The jackpot has been hit twice this year, with a young mother winning $205,200 in January.

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