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Alberta to Regulate Online Gambling

The province of Alberta in Canada is gearing up to license and regulate online gambling as a means to generate tax revenues, this according to the province's Finance Minister Robin Campbell.

The announcement came during a convention at the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties this week, noting that legalized betting will bring revenues that will be used to send some tax revenues to rural Alberta. The province is currently in the stages of trying to find a vendor to operate an online casino for the province, and plans to have the site operational by the end of the year.

With the adoption of regulated online gambling Alberta joins the majority of Canadian provinces in offering state-sanctioned online betting. Still, the decision to offer online betting is somewhat controversial, as some provincial leaders have shown dismay for offering legal online betting to residents.

One example of this is Alberta Liberal Party Leader David Swann, who said, “I am disturbed that we’re now going to extend gambling and raise more public money from gambling. It certainly hasn’t been presented to us in the legislature and presented to the public. It sounds like it is a fait accompli, which is unsettling to say the least.”

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