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Sweden Offers Gambling Education Tools to Youth

Sweden's gambling regulator Lotterinspektion has announced that it will be launching a series of educational tools to help educate children in 7th grade and older about gambling in their country.

Dubbed "prataomspel" (Talk about the game), the program will teach kids how to analyze advertisements, and work on various projects that impact probability. The program is being put into place as a recent survey by The Swedish Council for Information on Alcohol and Other Drugs revealed that more than 20% of 9th graders have gambled for money in the last year, while 30% of high schoolers have gambled in the same period.

Commenting on the program Joakim Rönngren Director of Communications at Lotterinspektion said, "The impression is that the advertising situation is chaotic in Sweden and much of the advertising targets the young. It is unreasonable and exposes more young people to the risk of debt and addiction problems. With prior education, we are equipping the young with established skills to assess and control gambling related issues."

“Knowledge and education are key factors for young people to be able to handle the massive gambling advertising and the game offers that attract them. So teachers and educators will have a free tool in “prataomspel” to assist in educating the young.”

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