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Scientists Claim to Have Invented Unbeatable Hold'em Computer

Scientists from the Computer Research Group at the University of Alberta are claiming that they have created a computer program that is unbeatable at Texas Hold'em.

The program is dubbed Cepheus, which uses a database of pre-computed situations to make the optimal move at any moment. It also has the ability to improve, learning better strategy as it played more and more hands. "The program started out knowing the basic rules of poker, and as it played itself, it got better, and updated its strategy," the group claimed.

The program reportedly picked up its poker chops by simulating 24 trillion poker hands over the course of two months, likely playing more hands than what all of humankind has ever played. The machine is so close to perfect that the group concluded, "...at the pace a human plays poker, it cannot be beaten with statistical significance in a lifetime.”

The public can access the computer program via a website where it can ask the program for advice in Hold'em, and even play against it.

Long term ramifications for the program include mathematical approaches to help doctors find the proper dosage of medicine, develop negotiation strategies, provide cybersecurity, and developing medicine.

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