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Pro Poker Player Touts Twitch as Poker Viewing Platform

In an interview with Poker Listings (no relation to Casino Listings), professional poker player Jason Somerville touted the Twitch gaming platform as the future of poker broadcasts.

Somerville said that poker is an odd fit for television broadcasts, but is great for online streaming over the internet. "It's hard to make poker content fit in hour-long blocks that are meant for an older audience that doesn't quite get it," Somerville said. "It's not a good fit for television. Twitch and live-streaming on the internet is the platform that poker needs to live."

Twitch is an online video game streaming platform that allows players to broadcast their video game sessions. The service has taken off in the last year, resulting in Amazon purchasing the service for $970 million.

Owing to Twitch's success, Somerville pointed out that he was broadcasting his stay in the Bahamas while participating in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, reaching out to 51,000 followers during his time in Nassau. During that time fans were encouraged to participate in the stream by asking questions.

Somerville said that he has been using the service for a few months, gaining more than 3 million views in total, amounting to roughly 300,000 views per week. Users spend about 45 minutes watching his channel on average.

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