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Malaysia Sticks Up For Embattled Poker Player Phua

A letter from a prominent Malaysian politician to a US court debunked the FBI's claim that professional poker player Paul "Wei Seng" Phua is connected to the Triad 14k crime ring.

Phua is facing charges of operating an illegal sportsbetting ring from a Las Vegas hotel during last year's FIFA World Cup. He has pleaded his innocence, and the letter appears to back up that claim, as Malaysian Minister for Home Affairs Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said that Phua has assisted the government in the past on national security issues, and asked the United States to return the defendant to his home country.

The FBI arrest of Phua and his son is the subject of legal debate in America, as the FBI cut off internet access to Phua's hotel room in an effort to enter the site and gain evidence to support an arrest warrant application. Phua is due in court February 9th, and he is currently out of jail on bond.

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