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Land Casinos Struggled Last Year

Global Betting and Gaming Consultants has issued a report in which they claim land casinos throughout the world lost more than $100 billion off stock market valuations during 2014.

GBGC is responsible for creating the GBGC50, which tracks industry developments and performance for the 50 largest land casinos in the world. The report claims that the casinos in the top 50 ended up falling by 28% last year. Those casino companies had a valuation of $249.8 billion to begin 2015, which is down from $350.9 billion to start 2014.

Macau casinos ended up taking the biggest hits during the year, as Sands China dropped from the top spot in the index, as it was replaced by its US based Las Vegas Sands sister firm for top spot. Still, Macau holds almost all of the top spots on the index.

2014 was a rough year for Macau, as the Chinese government tightened up on corruption and the economy struggled a bit. These factors caused Macau to post their first annual drop in casino revenue in nearly ten years.

GBGC warns that next year's index could be adversely impacted once again if Macau has another subpar year, as their casinos will continue to slide.

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