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Jersey Gambling Commission Touts Their Virtues

The Channel Island of Jersey has announced that it will have a heavy presence at the ICE Gaming Conference in London later this month, touting their regulatory system to gaming operators.

The island gaming commission will be sending executives to the expo, including Assistant Chief Minister, Senator Philip Ozouf. The group will tout the following features of Jersey's gaming sector:

  • Providing the cheapest tier one jurisdiction licence costs available

  • Free Disaster Recovery Licenses

  • An independent Gambling Commission

  • No Value Added Tax

  • No eGaming Duty

  • Zero percent Corporation Tax

  • Premium location for Initial Public Offerings

  • Excellent internet connectivity

  • World-class regulatory, banking, legal and technology services

  • A digital hub to support eGaming businesses looking to relocate

Andy Jarrett, the Director of Digital Jersey boasted about the licensing group, noting: “Jersey’s eGaming offering has gone from strength to strength in recent years and is now arguably the most attractive of any tier one jurisdiction. Our recently announced highly competitive licensing environment, investment in telecommunications, depth of technology skills and our reputation as a leading finance centre makes us the compelling new option for eGaming organisations."

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