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Hendon Mob to Sue Polish Government

Online poker player database The Hendon Mob has announced that it plans to sue the Polish government for using a bot to scour poker player information, which is a violation of their terms and conditions.

The Hendon Mob will sue the Polish Ministry of Finance because of what the site's CEO Alexandre Drefus said was, "...systematically acting in violation of the site's terms and conditions, scraping the site to steal the data within its pages."

Dreyfus said that the site has been monitoring the bot since December 29th, noting that the activity was coming from a server on mf.gov.pl. The Hendon Mob eventually ended up blocking the bot by feeding it false information.

"They have changed the bot’s Internet provider four times already," Dreyfus said. "Our security team has noticed it from day one and, as we have a special tool that allows us to avoid automated bots to steal our data, we fed them with fake data and fake results for over eight days."

The actions by the Polish government reportedly violate the terms and conditions of the site under the Intellectual Property section. Dreyfus said that his company has hired a Polish attorney to begin litigation against the government.

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