Former Florida Law Enforcement Official Sentenced For Gambling Crimes

The former President of the Florida Fraternal Order of Police has plead guilty in court to running an illegal lottery, illegally structuring financial transactions, and illegal possession of a slot machine.

Nelson Cuba plead guilty to two felonies and a misdemeanor, avoiding trial on over a hundred other charges pertaining to his involvement in a gambling ring.

As a result of the plea, Cuba will be placed on house arrest for a year as well as four years probation, and will have to pay $30,000 in to a homeless veteran's charity as well as pay $250 per month during his probation and house arrest in fees. Cuba also had to give up his law enforcement certification, meaning that he can never be a police officer again.

Cuba and Robbie Freitas put in several deposits and withdrawals into a FOP Foundation bank account between 2009 and 2011, wherein they financed their gambling ring. The ring generated $300 million in revenues, and was busted up by authorities in 2013 during a raid. The case resulted in a significant political scandal in Florida, resulting in the resignation of former Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll.

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