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Casinomeister Posts Dispute Resolution Numbers

Online casino affiliate site Casinomeister has posted their 2014 casino dispute report, noting that overall player complaints are down, but the amount of money involved in disputes was higher.

Casinomeister Dispute Resolution Manager Max Drayman posted the stats and noted that overall complaints were down 20% compared to 2013, with 209 disputes compared to 229 the year before. . The site claims to have helped players retrieve $600,000 in disallowed payments.

In his report Drayman notes, "There was a significant up-tick in the number of "irregular betting"/"spirit of the bonus" cases. This is becoming a serious problem. Overall I think it boils down to a strong push by casinos to actively hunt 'advantage players'.

"The number of cases was down about 20 percent but the typical value of claims was noticeably higher, possibly indicating that smaller-value cases aren't getting reported as much?"

"The "self-exclusion" scams reported last year continued through the first part of 2014, tapering off significantly toward the end of the year."

The full report can be viewed at Casinomeister's site.