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Bumbling Idiot Attempts Betfred Robbery

A UK man who attempted to rob a Betfred retail betting shop in August has generated some comedic interest during his trial, as the media reports on his various bumbling attempts at completing the perfect crime.

Douglas Stewart attempted to rob the Betfred shop in Torquay Devon last year, but did a surprisingly bad job of doing so, which resulted in him being arrested. During his attempted robbery Stewart:

  • Wrote a Closed sign on a piece of paper, but put his fingerprints all over the sign when he attached it to the door.

  • Put a list of robbery demands on the back of a piece of mail that was addressed to him, with his name and address on the paper.

  • Glued tissue paper on his face to serve as a disguise, and put additional tissue in his mouth to change his voice, which didn't work as his thick Scottish accent was instantly recognized (Stewart is a regular punter at the shop).

  • Stewart removed his disguise after fleeing the shop in full view of the security camera.

Stewart handed his note to the attendant at the shop, telling her that he had a bomb on himself and that there was a team of ex-soldiers waiting outside and he needed the money. The attendant told the man that she had rang the panic buzzer and that police were on the way.

Stewart plead guilty to the crime and was sentenced to three years, eight months in prison.

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