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Australian Punters Profiled by H2 Gabling Capital

A study conducted by H2 Gambling Capital has been released in which it profiles what it considers to be a profile of the average Australian online punter, revealing some interesting statistics.

Some of the interesting aspects of the study revealed that:

  • The average Australian adult spends about A$17.52 per week on gambling

  • Between 62% and 77% of players are male

  • Online gamblers are younger than land players, with online players being 6 years younger on average

  • Online gamblers are more likely to hold a university degree and be employed full time, with gamblers having an average income of between A$90,0000 and A$119,000

  • Online gamblers in Australia bet mostly on sportsbetting, table games, and racing. 80% of punters prefer racing and sportsbetting

  • 63% of gamblers prefer to play online because of convenience and comfort, while others tout better odds and more options

  • 54% of adults have one account at a single online operator, while 60% say they have tried betting online through an offshore firm

  • Most play takes place on desktop or laptop computers, although mobile usage is growing.