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$205,200 Won on WinADay's Chinatown Slot

A lucky punter at WinADay Casino hit it big when they ended up scoring $205,200 while playing the casino's Chinatown slot.

The big winner ended up scoring the win on the Chinatown slot, the second big win for WinADay's progressive jackpot over the last sixth months. The winner has been a WinADay player for almost three years, and says that she plans to pay off debt, buy a car for her mother, and go to the Rio Olympics in 2016.

WinADay Manager says that the jackpot win is the third straight hit for over $200,000, which is due to the higher number of players participating in the games. WinADay's jackpot is tied to all of the casino's games, and can be won at any time.

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