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Romania Will Amend Gaming Taxes

Romania's government has reportedly approved a change to the country's regulation of gambling this week, altering the taxes to regulate online betting in the Eastern European country.

Romanian National Office for Gambling (RNOG) President Odette Nestor announced the changes. Some of the alterations will be posting taxes in RON to Euros, getting rid of the requirement that all operators be Romanian nationals, and protection of underage gamblers.

Other changes include taxing player winnings below €133, and replacing the current 25% tax rate on operators with a progressive tax scale. Players will be responsible for reporting winnings to the government at tax time, as will operators.

Tax changes for players will look like this:

  • 1 percent tax levied against winning amounts cashed out below EUR 15 000;

  • 16 percent tax against winnings from EUR 15 001 to EUR 100 000; and

  • 25 percent tax on all winnings over EUR 100 000.

Nestor believes the changes will put Romania in alignment with European Union law. Commenting on the matter Nestor said, “Through this ordinance, the Government has managed to regulate the online gambling sector, which was regulated in 2010, but not completely. We now have a legal framework that allows gambling operators to get licensed in Romania, and through this licensing, we will protect minors and Romanian players.”