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Prince Edward Island Argues Over Tribal Gaming Loan

The Canadian province of Prince Edward Island is reportedly in dispute with the Mi’kmaq Confederacy Indian tribe, which it claims was loaned $990,000 by the province in order to study the potential of internet gambling.

PEI is trying to recoup that money, but the tribe says that it has no intention of repaying the money. That loan was given so that the prospect of internet gambling could be examined, including a trip to England as well as legal, regulatory, and technical costs, which took up a considerable portion of that loan.

The confederacy claims that the stipulation for that loan was that it was to be repaid from gaming revenue, and since it abandoned the initiative that money does not have to be repaid.

PEI Finance Minister Wes Sheridan was a strong proponent of online gambling, saying that it could potentially generate revenues of $85 million per year and help pull the province out of its heavy debt. However technical and jurisdictional issues torpedoed the possibility and the province has since abandoned the idea all together.