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PPA Backs NFOP in Opposing Federal Ban on Internet Gambling

The Poker Players Alliance has issued a statement where they support the National Fraternal Order of Police in urging the US Congress not to pass a ban on internet gambling.

We originally reported on the Fraternal Order of Police's stance earlier this year, but the PPA has just gotten around to backing up the group.

Speaking about their support for the NFOP, PPA Executive Director John Pappas said, “The Fraternal Order of Police’s letter clearly demonstrates to Congress that a licensed and regulated online poker market is undoubtedly more effective than prohibition as a means to protect consumers from fraud, identity theft or criminal activity."

"A federal ban would only serve to drive online poker and other forms of online gambling underground where law enforcement has no authority to protect consumers from corruption."

"The states have already proven that online gaming can be appropriately regulated and in fact have greater controls than brick-and-mortar casinos."

"It’s time for Congress to either step up and create a safe and regulated online poker environment for all Americans or step aside and allow the states to precede in doing so for their respective citizens.”

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