New Zealand Punters Prefer Casino, Sports to Racing and Lotteries

This story was published more than 5 years ago.

A study of New Zealand punters conducted over the past fifteen years has revealed that there are fewer Kiwi gamblers, but those who remain are spending more and prefer casino and sportsbetting to racing and lottery gaming.

The study was conducted by the Auckland University of Technology and polled 6,251 adults, with 80% saying that they gambled in the previous year. That number is down 10 percent from a similar study conducted 20 years ago. That number coincides with the number of punters who gamble every week, with just 22% claiming they do so (compared with 48% in 1991).

The study has also concluded that punters are spending more, and that their preferences have moved toward casino games and sportsbetting, and are beginning to more away from horse racing and lottery betting. The study also reveals that fewer gamblers are participating in more than one type of wagering activity.

On the concerning side, the study revealed that Maori and Pacific people are at a higher risk of problem gambling, as betting is much more popular in their ethnic group. The poorly educated and unemployed are another key risk area.

Commenting on the results the study's lead author Professor Max Abbot said, "This means that while there have been significant reductions in gambling involvement since the 1990s, a number of groups remain at risk and the overall levels of harm may not have changed appreciably."

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