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Fellow Religious Leaders Call on Gauselmann to Drop Hindu Slot

Religious leaders throughout the world have come together to encourage online betting software developer Gauselmann to drop their video slot "Shiva", which controversially features the Hindu goddess.

Reverend Richard L. Smith of the United Church of Christ came out in favor of dropping the game, as Buddhist leader Jikai' Phil Bryan and Jewish Rabbi ElizaBeth W. Beyer. In a show of solidarity, the trio said that a religion's deity should not be trivialized on a slot machine.

"I support the protests of Hindus who are offended by the name and image of the god Shiva being used to promote gaming machines," Reverend Smith said. "As I recall, it was the Roman soldiers who cast lots for Jesus’ clothing, so I would be likewise offended if his name were to be attached to such a product. I urge the Gauselmann company to find another, more respectful approach."

The Shiva slot is a 5 reel, 50 payline game which features Wild Symbols amid other features.

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