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Argentina Drafts Bill to Regulate Gambling Ads

The government of Argentina has introduced a bill in the country's Lower House which would regulate gambling ads and marketing with the goal of preventing gambling addiction.

The bill was introduced by Argentina Gen Party National Deputy Omar Duclós, who said he wants to put spell out the dangers of compulsive gambling for the public to see.

The bill would give the Federal Authority of Audiovisual and Communications Services the ability to regulate gambling advertising by having:

  • The authority to monitor and ensure compliance of any new regulations.

  • The prohibition of advertising and promotion across all media platforms but those within authorised gambling centers themselves.

  • Clear warnings on the dangers of excessive gambling on advertising and promotion within those gambling centers.

Commenting on be bill Duclós said, “In our country there are many advertisements for lotteries, casinos, racetracks and bingo on television, radio, in print and electronic media as well as signage on public roads, stadiums and malls, which target a large number of potential consumers, and they provide a picture of gaming as a leisure and entertainment activity associated with happiness and good fortune."

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