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Wedding Planner De-Frauded Couples to Gamble

A 34 year old wedding planner from Huntingdonshire, England was sentenced to two years in prison after she de-frauded 19 couples to fuel a £80,000 online gambling spree.

Lisa Harrison plead guilty in court this week to the crimes following a police investigation that began 11 months ago and concluded with the defendant pleading guilty and being sent to prison. Harrison took money from her clients to gamble at William Hill and Paddy Power, losing nearly everything she had taken.

Harrison eventually admitted to her crimes, telling the couples that she had gambled away the money and was closing her business. Unfortunately for her, police intervened, arresting her and charging her with fraudulent trading.

Speaking to reporters at the sentencing Detective Iain Moor said, “This was an extremely distressing case for the 19 couples who lost life savings and had their dream day ruined by Harrison. I hope the victims received some comfort in the prison sentence imposed on Harrison, meaning they can now start to re-build their lives.”

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