US Online Gambling Ban Won't Happen This Year

This story was published more than 8 years ago.

An attempt to push through an online gambling ban in the United States will not occur this year after bills introduced in the Senate and House were not called up in the lame duck session.

According to the publication Human Events, current Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid did not call the bill up for debate. The site reported that House Republican leadership informed Reid, a Democrat, that he would have to call the marker if it were to be voted on during the lame duck session. Reid opted not to call in the marker.

The bills would effectively restore the Wire Act, which was diminished in 2011 by the Department of Justice when it ruled that the act only applied to sportsbetting, and that online casino gambling could be made legal on a state by state level. A restored Wire Act would effectively outlaw online gambling in the United States.

That bill is supported by Sheldon Adelson, who donated millions of dollars to Republican candidates who are in turn pressing to get the bill passed.

Support for the bill may not have been strong enough to get the bill passed, even with a House majority. The Human Events article points out: "If the RAWA bill was brought up, it would have put conservatives and libertarians in a bind because they did not relish the idea of Congress outlawing a political donation contributor’s [read Sheldon Adelson] Internet competition."

"Other opponents of the bill, many of whom abhor gambling, are uncomfortable with the federal government interfering with commerce inside a sovereign state, while others, agnostic on the morals of gambling, did not want Big Brother dictating lifestyle or behavior choices."

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