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UK Poker Players Having Issues With New Pokerstars Site

British players attempting to access Pokerstars' new UK site are having issues accessing the games and tournaments when the site informed them: “We are sorry, PokerStars does not offer Real Money games in your area.”

Pokerstars quickly attempted damage controls, admitting that the issue was a software glitch, offering refunds for tournament fees. With that being said, the firm did not offer up equity compensation for players who were cut off mid-tournament, writing: "Unfortunately we do not provide refunds based on tournament equity for circumstances such as you’ve experienced."

That decision appeared to not be permanent however, as players on Friday began reporting that some equity payments had been processed.

Issues for the site began almost immediately after it went live, which was necessitated when the UK implemented a new point of consumption tax which resulted in Pokerstars referring British players to its .co.uk site. These issues include loyal program glitches, awards, and re-play being inaccessible.

The firm is reportedly working on improving the site's stability, and Casino Listings will update this story when the site becomes fully stable.