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UK Betting Shops Set to Implement FOBT Restrictions

UK based betting shops are set to announce new restrictions that they will place on punters who bet large amounts of money in short periods of time on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals.

The upcoming restrictions are being placed by the shops onto themselves, and are meant to pre-empt any potential action that the government may take to limit the action on the machines. Restrictions put into place will include facility staff forcing punters to take a break from gaming if they exceed playing for 30 minutes or lose £250 in a single session.

The British government has been looking into FOBTs, which are very controversial in the country as critics point out how easy it is for players to lose large heaps of money without any supervision as well as the prevalence of the machines, which can be found in many pubs and other entertainment facilities.

To combat the bad publicity that their machines have garnered, UK betting firms such as Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, and Gala Coral have been working to promote responsible gambling. These groups have formed an independent watchdog who will act on revealing operators who promote predatory gambling marketing techniques, and are set to help promote Responsible Gambling Week, which is set to take place at the end of January 2015.