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Regulated Online Gambling Coming to Ontario

Regulated online gambling will be launching in the Canadian province of Ontario in the next few weeks, bringing a provincially sponsored site to the country's most populous region.

When the site launches Ontario will join British Columbia, Quebec, Manitoba, and the Maritime provinces in offering a regulated online gambling option to its citizens.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation teased the impending launch of the site, saying that 50,000 customers will get a chance to experience the site and games ahead of the public launch. The casino will offer arcade style games, slots, blackjack, and online poker services.

It is estimated that 500,000 people gamble online on offshore betting sites, causing the province to lose out on between $400-500 million annually. It is hoped that the new site will bring some of that money back to the province's coffers, which is desperately needed as Ontario is running a $12 billion budget deficit.