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Lawyers Seek Summary Judgement in New Jersey Sportsbetting Case

Lawyers from the state of New Jersey and America's major sports leagues have both filed motions for summary judgement in the federal dispute as to whether sportsbetting should be legalized in the Garden State.

The case is scheduled to have oral arguments in two days time, and both sides have filed motions for Judge Michael Shipp to automatically rule in their favor. Both sides have the view that the only reason for a trial is that there are no disputed factual issues, and that the judge should rule in their favor.

Both sides are in agreement that a trial will hold things up, and summary judgement would allow the other party to quickly appeal to the next higher court, which appears to be the only certainty in this case.

New Jersey resident voted to legalize sportsbetting a few years back, which was then signed into law and promptly challenged by the federal government and major sports leagues. Federal courts ruled against New Jersey, but the state went and corrected some technical errors and legalized the activity again, which was again challenged in court by major sports leagues.

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