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Judge Deals Blow to New Jersey Sportsbetting (Again)

The state of New Jersey has been dealt another blow in its attempts to legalize sportsbetting within its borders as Judge Michael Shipp ruled that sportsbetting should not be legalized, siding with professional sports leagues who sued.

Judge Shipp had previously ruled against New Jersey in a sportsbetting case, and his ruling was anticipated by New Jersey and legal pundits alike. The state indicated that it plans to push on with its case, with State Senate President Steve Sweeney saying: "We are going to continue pursuing every legal option available. The economic impact that sports wagering can have on New Jersey is far too important to simply shrug our shoulders and move on."

In his ruling Shipp said that the law is not black and white, noting: "The present case is not nearly as clear as either the leagues or the defendants assert."

That language may indicate that the state of New Jersey may ultimately prevail when they take the case to a higher court, as the Garden State may be able to pull off legal sportsbetting on a technicality.

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