Dutch Players No Longer Wearing Sponsorship Clothing

Dutch poker players are no longer wearing any sponsorship patches on their clothing, as their home government has stated that doing so may constitute illegal Dutch gaming advertising.

The lack of patches was evident on pro players Jorryt Van Hoof who is participating in the World Series of Poker this year.

Dutch poker journalist Remko Rinkema has revealed that the Dutch government is monitoring the tournament, and has decreed that players wearing sponsorship patches could be construed as promoting online gambling. That could lead to potential legal trouble for the operators on the patches, who instead have opted to let the players go without for the tournament.

Rinkema has said that Van Hoof would be a great candidate for a Dutch online poker site, noting: "[Van Hoof] would’ve been the perfect player to represent an online poker website. The accomplished pro is based in London, has been playing some of the highest stakes online for many years (as ‘TheCleaner11’) and is a very well respected and feared player.”

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