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Caesars Interactive Sees Revenues Soar

The online betting division of Caesars Growth Partners, Caesars Interactive has seen its revenues soar during the third quarter of 2014, rising 104.8%.

Key financial indicators for the third quarter ending September 30th, 2014 were:

  • Social and mobile games revenues of $151.3 million (Q3/2013: $74.7 million)

  • WSOP and online money gaming revenues of $10.3 million (Q3/2013: $4.2 million)

  • Total revenues of $161.6 million (Q3/2013: $78.9 million)

The huge surge in numbers were attributed to the acquisition of betting firm Pacific Interactive as well as strong growth in the mobile and social betting sectors. For the period there were more than 595,000 active players, leading to the spectacular revenue numbers.