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US Betting Developer Sues Canada Over Detainment

An American online betting game developer has sued the Canadian government after he claims he was illegally detained by the government.

Stanley Howard Tomchin filed the case in a Vancouver Federal Court. Tomchin claims that Canada violated his rights by performing an unreasonable search and seizure as well as making himself self-incriminate himself when he was arrested at a Vancouver airport in June.

Tomchin says that he was detained at the Vancouver airport by authorities who were working to determine whether he was criminally inadmissible to Canada, but instead grilled him about his gaming related activities and then reported what he said to US law enforcement authorities.

Tomchin's complaint against the country chastises the immigration department, reading: "Were there genuine immigration concerns about whether the plaintiff was inadmissible to Canada or whether his presence in Canada posed some threat to the safety of the Canadian public, CBSA officers could simply have permitted him to withdraw his application to enter Canada."

"To the contrary, in pursuit of an ultra vires purpose the CBSA defendants questioned the plaintiff at length about the outstanding U.S. allegations and then shared this compelled information with U.S. law enforcement."

Tomchin was indicted by US federal officials in 2012 for allegedly operating an online betting ring as well as money laundering. He has since plead guilty to a Class B misdemeanor and is allowed to travel internationally as part of his plea deal.

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