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Pro Sports Leagues Sue to Block New Jersey Sportsbetting

All of the prominent sports leagues in the United States have filed a lawsuit seeking to block the state of New Jersey's latest attempt to offer legalized sportsbetting within its borders.

The sports leagues filed the lawsuit in the same court that previously ruled against New Jersey in their first sportsbetting attempt. The leagues are claiming that the Garden State is merely trying to circumvent federal law and that a permanent injunction should be put into place, blocking the state from opening the industry.

The leagues taking part in the lawsuit include the National Football League, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, and the NCAA.

The Monmouth Park racetrack is expected to open its sportsbetting operation on October 26th and it is thought that the case will have to be heard before that time. In order for the leagues to prevail in the case, the sports leagues will have to prove that they will suffer immediate and irreparable harm from the sports bets being placed.

Commenting on the case gambling proponent New Jersey State Senator Ray Lesniak said, “I have a hard time believing that a judge will determine that the leagues can prove they can be irreparably damaged by Monmouth racetrack’s taking bets, when people are betting every single day legally in Nevada."

“They want a monopoly - they want to have their gambling through fantasy sports. They are not against us having sports betting, they just want to control it and run it. They are going to fight through the end - and I believe this is the end.”