Phil Ivey Loses Baccarat Court Case Against Crockfords

Internet poker Ace Phil Ivey has lost his court case against the UK Crockfords Club casino which withheld £7.7 million of money after it accused him of cheating at Punto Banco.

Ivey and a companion took Crockfords for the huge amount of money back in August 2012 using an edge counting technique to win the sum. The court ruled against the pro, and refused his request to appeal the case, but Ivey's lawyers have vowed to keep plunging ahead.

The ruling against Ivey came from Justice Mitting, who said, “Mr Ivey had gained himself an advantage and did so by using a croupier as his innocent agent or tool."

“It was not simply taking advantage of error on her part or an anomaly practiced by the casino for which he was not responsible. He was doing it in circumstances where he knew that she and her superiors did not know the consequences of what she had done at his instigation.”

“This is, in my view, cheating for the purpose of civil law.”

Commenting on their victory a Crockfords Club statement read: “It is our policy not to discuss our clients’ affairs in public and we very much regret that proceedings were brought against us."

“We attach the greatest importance to our exemplary reputation for fair, honest and professional conduct and today’s ruling vindicates the steps we have taken in this matter.”

Ivey also responded to the case, noting: “I believe that what we did was a legitimate strategy and we did nothing more than exploit Crockfords’s failures to take proper steps to protect themselves against a player of my ability. Clearly today the judge did not agree."

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