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Pennsylvania Attempts to Curb Federal Online Gambling Ban

A Pennsylvania politician has introduced a resolution to the State House which would urge the US Congress to defeat bills that would ban online gambling on a federal level.

Pennsylvania State Representative Mike Sturla introduced House Resolution 1095, which would urge the US Congress to vote down bills S. 2159 and H.R. 4301, which would outlaw online gambling on a federal level.

Sturla is a proponent of online gambling and believes that a regulated market would protect consumers and raise important tax revenues for the state.

Commenting on his resolution Sturla said, “While we may not agree on the issue [of internet gambling], the underlying point is we as elected representatives in this Commonwealth have the right to debate this issue without undue restrictions from the Federal Government."

US gambling advocacy group the Poker Players Alliance quickly voiced support for Sturla's resolution, saying: The Pennsylvania legislature has made it clear that they are interested in the possibility of licensing and regulating online gambling in the state; therefore the passage of this resolution is critical to ensure the state has the right to move forward with legislation without unwarranted restrictions from the federal government.”