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Ongame Poker Network Abandons Grey Markets

The Ongame Poker Network has withdrawn from 30 markets it considers to be grey in terms of legality in an effort to remain above board when it comes to offering games in regulated jurisdictions.

The markets that Ongame left include: Malaysia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal , Nigeria, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Palestine Territory, Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, Vatican City, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Zimbabwe, Libya, Sudan, North Korea, Cuba, Myanmar and Yemen.

Ongame is owned by Canadian betting giant Amaya Gaming, who is looking to enter the US betting market. In an effort to make its poker brands Full Tilt and PokerStars eligible for US licensing Amaya is pulling out of questionable markets, hoping the moves increase their odds in the US.