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NJ Sportsbetting Bill Passes Assembly, Off to Governor's Desk

The New Jersey House of Assembly has passed a bill that would overturn existing sportsbetting bans in the Garden State, paving the way for intrastate sportsbetting moving forward.

The bill, which is formally known as AB3711 passed through the Assembly with a 73-4 margin after it was passed overwhelmingly by the State Senate earlier this week. The bill now is headed to Governor Chris Christie's desk, who has 45 days to sign or veto it.

Currently New Jersey is awaiting a ruling by a US Federal Court to determine whether the state can move forward with sportsbetting, which is currently outlawed in most states in the country.

Commenting on the matter New Jersey Assemblyman Ralph Caputo said, "This issue has been before us on a number of occasions. But at this point we’re here supporting the legal position that the [New Jersey] administration has taken.’’

The legalization of sportsbetting is opposed by all major sports leagues in America as well as the collegiate NCAA, who told sports station ESPN: "The NCAA has asked the United States District Court to stop the state of New Jersey from allowing sports wagering to occur in casinos and racetracks across the state in violation of the injunction issued last year. The NCAA continues to believe that the spread of legalized sports wagering is a threat to student-athlete well-being and the integrity of athletic competition."

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