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Maryland Continues Trying to Extradite Bodog Execs

The state of Maryland is attempting to extradite Bodog Founder Calvin Ayre and two fellow Bodog executives in an attempt to prosecute them for illegal gambling.

The state Prosecutor is attempting to extradite Bodog Founder Calvin Ayre alongside executives James Phillip, David Ferguson, and Derrick Maloney to charge them with the crime, which could lead to heavy prison time and fines.

Maryland has attempted to prosecute the trio since 2012 when it originally filed the complaint.The state alleges that Bodog offered illegal sports bets from a period spanning 2005 through 2012. For his part Ayre claims that Maryland's case is an abuse of the US court system and that online betting is legal under international law.

It is thought that Ayre is living between Canada and Antigua, while some rumors also put him in the Philippines.

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