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Malaysian Gangsters Attempt to Whack Gambling Kingpin

Malaysia's illegal gambling underbelly reared its ugly head again yesterday when a group of gangsters hurled grenades in an attempt to kill a gambling kingpin.

Two grenades were hurled into the Cherry Blossom Pub, killing one man and injuring 13. The attempted target in the attack was illegal gambling group leader Ah Hai, who reportedly was recruiting bookies working for opposing gangs in an attempt to grow his brand.

Commenting on the attempted hit an anonymous source said, "Ah Hai was meant to be killed instantly as he was 'pinching' almost everyone who were working for the top bookies."

Gambling is illegal in Malaysia, save for a few land based spots but that has not stopped people from gambling. Instead of visiting the legal spots punters instead head underground to bet with bookies who are often times tied to organized crime rings.

As of press time no arrests in the case have been made.

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